Autodesk February Artist of the Month

I am happy to announce that, I have selected as the February artist of the month at area.autodesk.


“Don’t be a great artist with simple work, be a simple artist with great work”

Hey everyone! My name is Chamishka Gamage, I am 24 and lives in Colombo Sri Lanka. I spent my childhood watching and drawing my favorite characters from Cartoon Network, and this had been a great influence on my artistic career as an adult. I am a capable 3D Artist who constantly pushes for perfection, and who uses his creativity to deliver artistic brilliance. I am an expert at taking concepts and then creating high quality images and assets from them. I have started my career in 2011 as an VFX artist at “Elephant and the Mouse VFX”, afterwards I got a chance to work as a professional VFX artist at  “ XTen Productions” Sri Lanka ( from 2012 to 2016 December ). Currently I am working at Seven Deuce Gaming LK as a Senior CG Generalist. As for my educations I have completed the Edexcel BTEC HND in interactive multimedia.

For the past five years I have come across with different achievements around the world. Recently I got the humster3d team choice award at the 3d car render competition 2015 and 2016 for the artwork “Evil Machine”and “Route 66”
My individual short animation which I have done for my final class project” Chef Almeda” has been officially selected and screened in “indiEarth” Animation Film festival (india) and “Doc Sunback ” film festival (Kansas,USA), “Comedy Cluj International Film Festival” for the 7th edition (Romania, Transylvania), and its officially selected and lined up for screening at ,”San Antonio Laughs” Comedy Film Festival (San Antonio, Texas), “CINANIMA 15” animation film festival (Portugal), 2015 “Anim!Arte “- 12th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, “Singapore World International “Film Festival (Singapore) and “Hong Kong World International “Film Festival (Hong Kong), “Cartoon club” international festival (Italy),”Chilemonos” animation festival (chile).
Won the 1st place in The Gnomon Workshop” COBBLESTONE STREET “Image Challenge.
Best VFX and Animation Award at Derana Music Video Awards 2014 for Lassana Desak – Bathiya & Santhush.

Working in the CG Industry can sometimes can be very hard. I try to find new ways to get the job done faster and better, whether it’s new workflows, software, etc. I’m a big believer in hard work. And every day I try to find out new techniques and tutorials to make my pipeline solid. Art is just something I’ve worked hard to get good at and grown to love over a fairly long period of time. Something that keeps me going and motivates me to grow as an artist is my goal of someday working on big feature films and AAA-games. Being able to create good work daily, that attracts a lot of people is a big dream of mine.

What I love most about doing 3D is that you can create whatever you want. I also love the feeling you get when you learn new software, workflows or finish a new project. Sometimes you might get stuck, but to me it’s just about continuing to work hard, remembering your goal and keeping it entertaining.

I am a humble artist, who always tries to learn something new in this field of study, I make it best out of the little things I have rather not worry of things that I don’t have, I’m not the most gifted and talented artist out there, but I push my best and pave my way to become one among the best.

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